World Spiritual Parliament


The World Spiritual Parliament (WSP) has been established as a global organisation for inviting all important spiritual leaders of the world for bringing peace on earth in the third millennium. The main objective of WSP is to resolve for a peaceful world by educating through countrywide and countrywise programmes of peace education through spirituality.

This website is illustrative and non exhaustive. All spiritual leaders are welcome to suggest ways and means for further locating a critical path for international brotherhood.

The World Spiritual Parliament (WSP) is contemplating to unite all spiritual leaders to recommend to the United Nations for establishing a separate and independent organisation under the aegis of United Nations (UN), a Spiritual and Interfaith Forum for World Peace.

These days the world citizenry generally do not agree to what politicians have been advising. For that matter the world citizenry always try to adore the spiritual leaders. It is in fitness of things that the spiritual leaders start educating for bringing peace on earth through education related to peace, mercy and tolerance.

This type of disaster education will certainly help all countries in optimising their available resources for solving problems related to peacelessness, poverty, unemployment, pollution and population explosion.

I, Dr. Priya Ranjan Trivedi, the Speaker of the World Spiritual Parliament (WSP) do hereby invite you to join this unique movement by sending your details so that peace may prevail on this mother earth.




You will be pleased to know that we have decided to select renowned Spiritualists during the World Spiritual Parliament session on 5 - 6 September 2011 at India International Centre, 40 Lodi Estate, New Delhi with a view to motivating them to throw themselves into a new environment for bringing peace on earth in the third millennium.

We are attaching a Format for enabling the Spiritual Leaders and Educators who may be interested in being considered for different Awards as mentioned in the attached Format. The Format is also to be filled-in by all other persons interested in participating in the World Spiritual Parliament (WSP) being held on 5 - 6 September 2011 at India International Centre, 40 Lodi Estate, New Delhi from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm.

All these nominations must reach latest by 31 July 2011. The following are the areas related to spirituality for selecting accomplished individuals and interfaith / spiritual / religious / theological / divine organisations :



* Paranormal
o Anomalous operation
o Extra-sensory perception
o Near-death experience
o Paraphysics
o Parapsychology
* Anomalous cognition
o Precognition
o Psychokinesis
o Remote viewing
o Uri Geller
* Philosophy
o Dualism
o Epistemology
o Ethics
o Free will
o Idealism
o Materialism
o Metaphysics
o Mechanism
o Mind-body problem
o Noumenon
o Nondualism
o Phenomenalism
o Phenomenon
o Philosophy of mind
o Philosophy of religion
o Philosophy of science
o Reductionism
o Spiritualism
o Skepticism
o Truth
o Vitalism
* Religion
o Agnosticism
o Animism
o Atheism
o Cult
o Faith
o Gnosticism
o God
o Goddess
o Higher consciousness
o Monotheism
o Mythology
o Neo-Pantheism
o New religious movement
o Pantheism
o Polytheism
o Prayer
o Religious naturalism
o Soul
o Spiritual being
o Spiritism
* Science
o Altered state of consciousness
o Brain
o Chaos theory
o Chemistry
o Cognitive psychology
o Consciousness
o Magical thinking
o Neuropsychology
o Odic force
o Paraphysics
o Parapsychology
o Physics
o Pseudoscience
o Psychiatry
o Psychology
o Quantum Mechanics
o Superstition
o Unconscious mind
* Spirituality
o Esotericism
o Karma
o Meditation
o Mysticism
o New Age
o Occultism
o Reincarnation
o Subtle body
Esotericism and mysticism
Shabd paths
* Eckankar
o Harold Klemp
* Quan Yin Method
o Suma Ching Hai
* Surat Shabda Yoga
* Techniques of Knowledge
* Chakra
o Ajna / Mind’s eye / Third eye
o Anahata
o Bindu
o Manipura
o Muladhara
o Sahasrara
o Swadhisthana
o Vishuddha
* Kundalini
* Planes of existence
* Tantra
* Yoga
* The Urantia Book
Philosophy and religion
* Buddhism
o Mahayana Buddhism
o Theravada
o Vajrayana (Tibetan Buddhism)
o Zen
* Hinduism
o Bhakti yoga
o Jnana Yoga
o Karma yoga
o Sutras
o Smriti
o Tantra
o Upanishads
o Vedanta
o Yoga
* Sikhism
o The Sikh Gurus
o Guru Granth Sahib
o Sikh religious philosophy
* Taoism
o Lao Zi
* Dao De Jing
o Taiji
o Universal Dialectic
o Yin Yang
* The Urantia Book
* I Ching
Left-hand path
* Left / Right-Hand Path
* Black art
* Black magic
* Necromancy
* Satanism
o Baphomet
o Church of Satan
o Luciferianism
o Philosophical Satanism
o Satan
o Satanic ritual abuse
o Anton LaVey
* Vampire
* Temple of Set
Magic and occult
* Aleister Crowley
o Magick
* Chaos magic
* Eliphas Levi
* Enochian magic
* Goetia
* Grimoire
* Necronomicon
* Hoodoo
* Magic
* Occultism
* Pentagram
* Ritual magic
* Santerfa
* Seid
* The Book of Thoth
* Thelema
* Vodou
Martial arts
* Nei chia
o Bagua zhang
o Hsing Yi
o Tai Chi Chuan
New Age and alternative medicine
* Acupressure
* Age of Aquarius
* Alternative Medicine
* Ayurveda
* Edward Bach
o Bach flower remedies
* Alternative medicine
* Chiropractic medicine
* Folk medicine
* Homeopathy
* Massage
* Munay-ki
* Naturopathic Medicine
* New Age
* Past Life Regression Therapy
* Qigong
* Reiki
* Shiatsu
* Traditional Chinese medicine
Spiritual and occult practices
* Spiritualism
* Astral projection
* Dhikr
* Meditation
* Muraqaba
* Prayer
* Remote viewing
* Yoga
* Astrology
* Augur
* Cartomancy
* Cleromancy
* Divination
* Dowsing
o Pendulum
* Fortune-telling
* Geomancy
* Haruspex
* I Ching
* Omen
* Tarot reading
* Lucid dream
* Out-of-body experience
* Polygamy in Christianity
Esotericism and mysticism
* Anthroposophy
* Christian mysticism
* Christian mystics
* Esotericism
* Hermeticism
* Occultists
* Master Beinsa Douno’s Teaching
* Mysticism
* Salvation
* Western mystery tradition
* Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
* Illuminates of Thanateros
* Knights Templar
* Ordo Templi Orientis
* Subud
* Rosicrucian
o Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis
o Fraternitas Rosae Crucis
o Rosicrucian Fellowship
o Societas Rosicruciana
* Son of Ra
Occultism and practical mysticism
* Alchemy
* Builders of the Adytum
* Faith healing
* Servants of the Light
* Neopaganism
* Paganism
* Rule of Three (Wiccan)
* Wicca
* Catholicism
* Christian mysticism
* Christian Science
* Mount Athos
* Orthodoxy
Esoteric Christianity
* Anthroposophy
* Master Beinsa Douno’s Teaching
* Christian vegetarianism
* Theosis
* Hesychasm
* Gregory Palamas
* Philokalia
Egyptian mythology
* Dhikr
* Lataif-e-Sitta
* Muraqaba
* Qawwali
* Sama
* Sufi cosmology
* Sufi Texts
* Sufi whirling
* Kabbalah
* Ecophilosophy
* Ecodharma
* Peace and spirituality
* Peace medicine
* Peace education
* Spirituality and politics
* Spiritual Parliament
* Spiritometry
* Physiognomy
* Inner and Self Healing
* Non Violence


It will be a pleasure for us to felicitate you and your colleagues once we receive nominations in the enclosed Format in one of the above mentioned fields.

Thanking you and looking forward to receiving your reply before 31 July 2011.

Dr. Priya Ranjan Trivedi
Speaker, President and Plenipotentiary